Match History for Overwatch, Valorant, and Apex Legends

Using Computer Vision, OverTrack records your games in the background generates full match history and game details of every match.

Get full details on everything that happened over the course of your games; kills, deaths, weapons, statistics, team composition, map route & circles (Apex Legends), ults (Overwatch, Valorant). Share and analyse your match history or individual games through the site, or using the Discord and Twitch integrations. Keep track of your overall stats and winrates and watch your progress

Overwatch Tracking

Overwatch Match History

OverTrack will record your Competitive and Quick Play matches, giving you a summary of each session. Track your results, heroes, maps, and SR.

Overwatch Game Details

Requires Subscription

OverTrack records the killfeed, allowing for tracking every kill, death, assist, and fight. Team compositions and swaps are tracked through the tab screen and from kills. Your ult usage and hero statistics are also recorded over the course of a game for better analysing your personal performance.

Valorant Tracking

Valorant Match History

OverTrack will record your Unrated and Competitive matches. Track your results, Agents, maps, and rounds. Get quick insight into Agents played and identify games of interest.

Valorant Game Details

OverTrack records the team composition, round details, kills+weapons, and ults. Get full round-by-round details of what led to each round win/loss. See an overview of your weapon performance and get in depth stats on each players performance and impact.

Valorant Agent Winrates

Using the data collected from your games, OverTrack provides full Agent winrates, with the ability to view map, Agent, round, and attack/defence. Find your best Agents, compare yourself to average winrates, and idenitify the strongest Agents for any situation.

Apex Legends Tracking

Apex Legends Match History

OverTrack will record every game you play, giving you a summary a list of each of your games including placement, downs, kills, etc.

Apex Legends Game Details

Each game recorded contains the route taken including all recorded downs and eliminations, and each ring. Weapon stats and assists are also recorded and provided. Endgame statistics are also recorded and displayed (provided you didn't skip those screens).