Automated Competitive Match Tracking

OverTrack keeps records of your competitive matches - Skill Rating, Win/Loss/Draw, Eliminations, Healing, Damage, Objective Time, and more.
No longer is there a need to manually enter match data into a form or spreadsheet; OverTrack does all this automatically!

OverTrack records the map, result, heroes played and SR changes of all your matches.
All this is done by the OverTrack client passively recording and reading the screen of Overwatch, which, for the purposes of this program Blizzard has confirmed they do not consider a cheat.

Per Game Tracking

OverTrack also records details from each game that would otherwise be impossible to remember in the heat of play including:

  • Hero swaps
  • Your team comp and opponents team comp
  • The Kill Feed
  • Kill Assists (Eliminations you added damage to but did not get the final blow on)
  • Support Assists (Eliminations you aided your team by way of support abilities e.g. Orb of Discord)
  • Objective information (checkpoints/point control)
  • and more!

Statistics and Win Rates


OverTrack will record statistics whenever you press tab. This allows tracking on both a per-game (shown above) and overall level.

Win Rates